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Let’s play online betting games together – UC8

Let’s play online betting games together – UC8

Let’s play online betting games together – UC8

Universal Corporation 8 (UC8) has caught up with this wave of rapid doubling of the eGaming market and has become an impressive new slot machine game developer. UC8, which has rich and diverse game themes, focuses on the Chinese and Asian electronic gaming and entertainment markets. 

UC8, which was established in 2016, gathered dozens of experts with senior experience in the industry and specialized in different fields to form a professional team. Surrounded by great talents and supported by its proficient game research and development technology, it has continuously conquered regions in major online games, becoming an emerging force that players and dealers can hardly ignore. Currently, they specialize in the mobile device market with HTML5 technology (compatible with all devices, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Xiaomi), providing Asian markets with fast, diverse, and entertaining gaming experiences and services. At the same time, the UC8 game platform supports all currencies in the Asian market (including Hong Kong dollar, Macau dollar, China RMB, Vietnamese dong, Korean won, Japanese yen, Philippines peso, Myanmar kyat, new Taiwan dollar, Thai baht, and Singapore dollar), to facilitate dealer customers to expand the Asian market.

“Tailor-made CDN (Content delivery network)” is another highlight service provided by UC8. It solves the problem of high user access delay caused by factors such as region and network and accelerates the content published for customers. It can reach players and users effectively, and can effectively resist DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) and CC (Challenge Collapsar) attacks which can effectively reduce business risks. At the same time, it also solves the problems that may arise from online games, such as big data management, webcasting, user behavior analysis, and operational services.  UC8 strategies are a comprehensive solution for all levels. 

UC8 provides more than 70 slot games and updates the list of players by launching up to 8 games every month. Customers can choose “fund transfer” or “seamless integration” to access the platform according to their preferences and needs. Currently, UC8 slot machine game types include 5 pay lines, 9 pay lines, 25 pay lines, 30 pay lines, 40 pay lines, 50 pay lines, 100 pay lines, 243 Ways, and scattered games. UC8 also focuses on every detail to ensure the quality of the game. The average size of UC8 games is only about 1.5MB, which is smaller than similar games in the market, saving the waiting time for players to enter the game and thus have a competitive advantage. 

UC8 maintains a steady growth trend and develops a series of easy-to-use and high-adhesion slot games. This not only takes into account entertainment but also ensures fairness and security. Therefore, all the games launched by UC8 are sent to BMM (BMM Compliance), an independent testing laboratory with a long history. With strict testing and verification ensuring that they meet the technical standards of different markets, players and customers can make stable profits in compliance with international regulations.