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Creator of Top Lottery Games – So Power

So Power

Creator of Top Lottery Games – So Power

Remember the WeChat Niu Niu that once took the online gaming world by storm? This convenient and interesting social entertainment game has become an instant hit because of its high privacy and low threshold. The unprecedented success of WeChat NiuNiu has inspired many game developers. So Power lottery package network is one of them.

Creating a barrier-free gaming space for players is the original intention of So Power. From planning, development, testing to the official launch, every stage is player-oriented. In addition to simplifying and eliminating the troublesome registration process, and the complicated and unstable cash flow payment, these problems were easily solved after tens of thousands of refinements in So Power. So Power chooses to start with low-bet lottery games, that is, to focus on the huge player base of lottery games. It not only provides official lottery games but also develops another trusted lottery game – Red Fire Bull. It is based on the credibility of the official lottery and combined with the highly popular Niu Niu and Jian Zi games.

When it comes to So Power game products, it is the first to promote its self-developed, the one and only Red Fire Bull in the world. This game is based on the official lottery of Chongqing Ever Lottery. It integrates the super popular games Niu Niu and Jian Zi in the Chinese gaming culture. It does not require much learning and can be enjoyed by players instantly. As soon as it is launched, the game spreads quickly like a virus. The player selects 3 numbers to compare with the 3 numbers selected by the banker according to the ten thousand, thousand, hundred, ten, and single digits of the official Chongqing Shi Shi Cai lottery number; the game is fair with national credibility endorsement. Furthermore, according to the rules of the Red Fire Bull game, if the player’s quota meets the conditions for grabbing the banker, they can participate in the banker position. The feature of players taking turns as dealers attract a large number of high turnover, which brings double growth and high income for webmasters. 

The reason why So Power has insight into industry trends and customer needs is the key main driving force. Behind the scenes, So Power is a veteran who has been immersed in the gaming industry for 30 years. Every time a new game is launched, it must go through critical inspection and strict checks, and the exclusive innovative gameplay is to meet the actual needs of players. With its simple and easy-to-learn development concepts, it makes marketing and promotion of its product more effective. 

Another highlight of So Power game products is Beijing Racing PK10, which is popular all over the country. But the difference is that So Power is the first to create real-time 3D racing screens for racing cars, breaking through the industry’s past use of imitating early 2D screens. More textured racing animations give players a completely different gaming experience and elevate traditional Beijing racing to unprecedented heights. So Power is not only particular about Beijing Racing PK10, the intuitive block chain and batch betting interface design can meet all the needs of players on the same page. The built-in functions of automatic number chasing, multiple betting, and risk control sets are convenient for professional lottery players. Players do not need to purchase additional plug-ins, which not only saves money but also allows continuous betting without staring at the game screen all the time. This is also an industry-leading innovation.

The reason for the rapid success of So Power is that it has a professional team of nearly 100 people covering different fields such as front-end and back-end engineers, graphic design, business development, customer service, planning, and marketing. So Power is not only a brand that provides packaged network services but also a supplier with the ability to independently develop games. It develops unique game products to enhance brand recognition, thus having irreplaceable and strong competitiveness in the red ocean package network market. 

The lottery game is just the first phase of the So Power, and then chess and sports are in its blueprint. So Power, a name that must be firmly remembered, will surely help you gain big profits in the gaming market.