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The Best Platform for Cockfighting Entertainment in Southeast Asia – SM558


The Best Platform for Cockfighting Entertainment in Southeast Asia – SM558

Cockfighting is a long-standing gambling and entertainment culture in China. In the Tang Dynasty, there was another cockfighting prodigy, Jia Chang, who was appreciated by Tang Xuan Zong, who loved cockfighting, and had a prosperous life because of this hobby. Cockfighting, which was once popular in Taiwan, has become a relatively rare gambling entertainment in Taiwan due to factors such as the crime of gambling, the regulation of animal protection laws, and the vigorous police raids.

However, the custom of letting two roosters fight each other is still very well-received in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia today. The process of cockfighting makes people’s adrenaline rise, attracting countless players to get involved in this activity. Even in Thailand, where gambling is prohibited, cockfighting and Muay Thai are also legal sports. The capital Bangkok even has the title of “Cockfighting Capital”. In the Philippines, where gambling is legal, cockfighting is not only a huge business but also a national sport. In many villages, every household can see the scene of a chicken in hand, and there are relatively large-scale breeding farms. There are also two legal cockfighting arenas in the capital Manila.

All players who like to watch fighting cocks peck, tear, pounce, push, and pull each other no longer have to regret not being able to participate in the grand event in person. From the largest and most well-known cockfighting website in Indonesia, SM558 provides well-planned cockfighting events, clear and smooth broadcasting of events, adding some exciting elements to ordinary life. Online audiences can experience the same essence of authentic cockfighting culture through the convenience of the internet. 

SM558 provides C9F – cockfighting general match, CX4 – cockfighting championship; 2 kinds of events to choose from. Players can freely choose to display a single game or multiple games and watch multiple games at the same time for betting. The SM558 website provides a complete game record. Players can not only watch the replay of the game video, relive the wonderful moments of the game process, but also accurately grasp the status of each player in the league.

The betting types of SM558 can be divided into banker, player, and 3 ways. In ordinary events, banker cockfights will have more bets at the beginning, and the odds are more favorable to banker, while players are the opposite. When 10 minutes have elapsed since the start of the game, both fighting cocks survived or both died, which means that the odds of a draw are 1:8, and both the banker and player bets will be returned to the player. In the event of an interruption of the live broadcast video of the event, a tie will be declared, and the bets of the banker and the player will be refunded. The championship is a cockfighting event organized by the Federation. All participants must go through several rounds of competitions, and the final champion will receive a bonus sponsored by the Federation.