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Your Online Lottery Partner – Lixin


Your Online Lottery Partner – Lixin

The rise of the online lottery betting mode breaks the constraints of time and space, and gradually changes the traditional lottery players’ betting habits from brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms. Therefore, the online lottery platform with complete solutions has become an indispensable and important entertainment product in the new era of the lottery. The Lixin lottery platform is an amazing platform for players to be entertained and win big prizes. It provides the most convenient and fast lottery games for the majority of lottery players. 

Lixin lottery is one of the top entertainment platforms built by LX Lixin Technology. LX Technology, established in 2010, has a professional team with a considerable organizational scale. It brings together more than 1,000 professional and top technological talents, whose fields span independent research and development, design, and customer service. The parent company, LX Lixin Group, operates networks and flagships in Southeast Asia, including physical Casino hotels in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The strong capital strength can withstand the test and is worthy of the trust of dealers. 

In recent years, it has been more active in expanding the territory of the online entertainment business, aiming to achieve the goal of combining online and offline multi-point diversified entertainment services. Currently, Lixin Lottery provides 4 business cooperation methods for operators, including:

1)  Lixin Cash Lottery System

The cash lottery system fully supports Android, iOS and other systems, and the industry-leading mobile technology makes members’ and agents’ lives easier. At the same time, it has credit and official gameplay. Mark Six and the world’s popular lottery rewrite the vision and pattern of online lottery games. In addition, according to the actual needs of customers, Lixin Technology provides various customized upgrade functions to make market-differentiated products more competitive.

2)Lixin API Data Connection

Lixin has many years of experience in API data connection, and stable and fast data transmission is protected by a four-layer defense network system. Furthermore, the small wallet model is eliminated by the public wallet, and the membership amount does not need to be transferred to different portals, which is convenient for operators to retrieve detailed reports.

3)  Lixin Seven Star Lottery System

It fully supports Android mobile phones to connect to printers via Bluetooth, making it easy to receive orders. The odds of the real market and the virtual market are adjusted through the market to control the risk and improve the report. Using the leading international cloud backup technology, all data and information are backed up synchronously. Every order of member players will be stored in three servers in different countries. Players can rest assured that smooth operations are guaranteed.

4) Lixin Credit Lottery System

Operators can choose cash and credit models according to their needs. According to different market demands, multiple markets with different odds are set up for members to bet, maximizing profits. Lixin also provides various interface options, and also supports customized design, constantly innovating and rewriting the height of the industry.

Lixin Lottery provides a variety of lottery games, including Fen Fen Cai, Chong Qing Shi Shi Cai, Xin Jiang Shi Cai, Jiang Xi Shi Cai, 7 Lottery, PK Pickup, Happy 10 Points, as well as those popular lottery issued in South Korea, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Diversified betting methods are conducive to the promotion and marketing of operators. Lixin lottery platform is a top brand dedicated to satisfying the preferences of various customer groups.