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Insight into Player Psychology – LE Gaming

LE Gaming

Insight into Player Psychology – LE Gaming

Looking closely at the development of online gaming in the past few years, four major types of games have dominated the global gaming market. This includes electronic games, live video, sports, and lottery. After gaming entertainment entered the online era, the above four have become must-have products in major online entertainment platforms. However, today’s game market has undergone drastic changes. The strong rise of chess and card games has gained the players attention and it looks like it is here to stay.

With this wave of chess and card craze that is happening, Leyou Chess and Cards were the first to invest in the development of chess and card games in 2013, specializing in user behavior research. The development team comes from front-line enterprises in the chess and card, Internet, and software industries. They have many years of experience and are proficient in related software research and development technologies. In order to provide customers with the highest quality and exciting chess and card competition experience, Leyou has spent huge sums of money to organize a professional accompanying team of hundreds of people, insisting on replacing robots with real-time players.

Customer-oriented and service-first are the operating principles of the company. Adhering to the business philosophy of technology as the core and quality as the foundation, they are heading in the direction of inheriting classics and continuous innovation. Every product starts from the details and strives for perfection, only to present the highest quality game platform and game experience to customers and partners.

According to Leyou’s observation, the betting market has mostly been based on the game mode of dealers opening the market and players betting, which has led to problems such as derivative arbitrage and illegal program arbitrage. In this regard, Leyou Chess chooses chess and card games where players play against each other, to suppress illegal programs and rebuild market order. During the game process, a high-quality and safe game experience is guaranteed by means of monitoring abnormal players, judging the winning rate, and matching tables. These groundbreaking factors helped Leyou stand out from the rest of the platforms and also compete with the four major gaming products. 

Currently, Leyou provides games such as Texas Hold’em, Niu Niu, Zha Jin Hua, San Gong, Er Ba Kong and many more. Players can choose different game room types according to their own skill level and needs. In the near future, the development team also plans to launch high-profile, highly-playable chess and card games every 1 to 2 months. This includes Dou Di Zhu, Hundred People Niu Niu and many other popular games. In addition, local cultural chess and cards will be developed, such as Si Chuan mahjong, Gui Yang chicken catch, etc. 

One cannot have any changes if there is no breakthrough. Even a few years back, the size of China’s casual chess and card market reached 10.5 billion yuan in 2018. Leyou Chess and Cards is not only ready to make a big impact in the gaming market, but also invites you to explore the blue ocean of the fifth-largest gaming game together!