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Chinese market leader of chess cards – Kai Yuan Chess

Kai Yuan Chess

Chinese market leader of chess cards – Kai Yuan Chess

According to the current market trend, there are four main products commonly seen in the online gaming market. This includes slot machines, live video, sports, and lottery. These categories of games are usually the essential items for all casinos. But now, the rapid rise of chess and card games proves to be the fifth largest category of gaming products. It has  switched from a leisure game to winning real prizes mode and it is ready to do big things in the gaming market!

Chess is an important piece of Chinese traditional culture. When combined with the technology of mobile networks, it breaks the constraints of time and space and empowers the chess and card market. As time goes by, Chinese chess and cards continue to evolve and mature. In addition to the increase in the player population and the improvement of their technical level, the achievements and stimulation they want to obtain from the game have also increased. 

When talking about the top players in the management and development of chess and card games, one cannot fail to mention the Chinese, a nation that truly integrates casual chess and card games into daily life. And it is none other than Kai Yuan Chess, the first brand in China to introduce chess and card games into the gaming market. 

In 2012, Kai Yuan Chess started as a free casual chess and card game. The development team has been deeply involved in the chess and card market for many years. With its profound cultural heritage and accurate analysis of relevant data and player psychology, it creates a game experience that understands human nature and is close to people’s hearts. Since 2015, Kai Yuan Chess has been involved in the development of real-money chess and card games. It insists on replacing robots with real-time players in real-time battles. There are more than 100 professional dealer teams to create a fair and high-level game environment. Kai Yuan Chess, which has a considerable player base, focuses on the application and development of Html5 technology. It maintains a high-quality and safe gaming experience by monitoring abnormal players, judging the winning rate, and matching tables to ensure all players have a good time on its platform. 

Looking at the chess and card games in the gaming market, most of them are “banker-oriented” game types. Kai Yuan Chess and Cards grasp the competitive nature of human beings to “Enjoy the Competition and Win”. It is the first to launch the first chess and card game in the gaming market that focuses on “player-versus-player”. Kai Yuan’s brand differentiation, and unique selling points dominate the market segment and setting high standards for the rest of its competitors.

In order to attract and reward players in a practical way, casual free chess and card games are transformed into a magic weapon for winning real prizes. Kai Yuan chess and card has the following four characteristics: 

(1) Stable profit margin: Chess and board games use commission as the main source of income. This profit model guarantees the profit prospects of the webmaster. It is not affected by the player’s win or loss, breaks the constraints of time and space and welcomes the future of profit every second.

(2) Large player base: Chess and board games have always occupied a place in the field of online games, and have the characteristics of high retention rate, high payment, low risk, and long cycle, which are worthy of investors’ attention.

(3) Excellent Profitability: Compared with slot machines, live video games, lotteries, and sports, chess and card games are high-return profitable projects.

(4) Convenient Promotion Channels: Breaking through the blockade of gambling-related keywords (such as slot machines, baccarat, etc.) prohibited by Chinese Internet search engines (such as Baidu) to achieve the purpose of rapid exposure on the internet. Additionally, utilize chess and card games as an advertising medium to practically transform a browser into an entertainment city user. 

Currently, Kai Yuan Chess has Niu Niu, Texas Hold’em, 28 bars, and many other popular games. They also provide different game rooms according to the player’s own technical level and preferences. In the future, Kai Yuan chess and card development team plans to launch the main game with a frequency of 1 to 2 games per month. In fact, local chess and card games are also in the blueprint for future planning, including Wen Zhou Mahjong, Si Chuan Mahjong and many other exciting projects. 

Furthermore, Kaiyuan Chess cooperates with well-known brands such as Poker Stars and Poker King and plans to jointly hold offline legal chess and card game competitions. Through online certified players to conduct offline competitions, the combination of online and offline modes will play a complementary role, thus increasing the exposure of Kai Yuan Chess brand, and achieve the goal of business growth. In addition to the current plans, “Surrounding the Countryside with Cities” is another promotional program of the company. Starting from the cooperation with system vendors, then spreading to all regions to increase market share effectively are the direction of Kai Yuan Gaming.