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JDB – Transport Fun from Physical to Online


JDB – Transport Fun from Physical to Online

With the rise of online gaming, this new method that breaks the geographical restrictions of traditional casinos makes it easier for global players to enjoy the thrill of throwing chips at any time and anywhere. The huge business opportunities that come with it make all major game developers eager to share its success. However, what are the crucial factors that make a company successful? Is the game platform with fast updates, a large number of games, exquisite graphics, and a stable and fast network, enough to fight the battle in this highly competitive industry?

JDB was officially launched in 2014. It did not start early compared to its competitors, but every step it took has attracted players’ loyalty. JDB cooperates with the largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia. It has mature technology and related resources for slot machine game development, including the application of big data and AI, which precisely meets the needs of casino operators. Additionally, JDB also partnered with Asia’s largest casino management system provider to offer customers with more powerful functional support in terms of event promotion, cash flow processing, and platform account management. 

In order to provide customers with stable connection quality, JDB spends tens of millions of dollars every year on the maintenance and expansion of computer rooms and lines. In the face of a fast-growing business, it is expected to continue to invest in additional machines and network systems for further optimization. On the other hand, excellent service is another category of JDB’s focus. In addition to 24/7 customer service, it handles game-related issues in real-time. The ratio of customer service personnel to responsible cases is 1:3. This has effectively met customers’ actual needs and solved their issues.  Based on complete and detailed customer feedback, JDN creates the advantage of efficient troubleshooting. 

JDB, which specializes in “Oriental style” game themes, has launched more than 50 original games, more than half of which use Chinese oriental elements – Face Changing Opera.
Integrating cultural elements into the game resonated with players is one of the reasons why JDB’s game is so popular. It has received positive feedback from players, confirming JDB’s seasoned experience and strong ambition to operate in the Asian market.

To sum up, in the fiercely competitive era of online games, JDB stands on the shoulders of giants (the largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia and the largest casino management system provider in Asia) looking forward to the future online gaming industry. Therefore, it has a long term vision and potential to achieve more compared to its competitors. Every step JDB takes today will become an important mark leading to a successful tomorrow.