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Inplay Matrix – Leader of Sports Gaming Innovation


Inplay Matrix – Leader of Sports Gaming Innovation

The Inplay Matrix (IM) platform was founded in 2009. The company recruited talents with more than 20 years of relevant experience in the industry. Its core products focus on the sports betting platform. In recent years, Inplay Matrix’s coverage in major online casinos has continued to increase at a steady rate. 

Since its establishment, IM has adhered to the spirit of innovation. It was awarded the “Most Innovative Sports Betting Platform of the Year” by eGaming Review (EGR), an authority in the gaming industry in 2012. EGR is a B2B information provider for the global online game industry. It is also the only online magazine published monthly in the industry. It gathers industry-leading insights and expert opinions to provide the online game industry with comprehensive and immediate business insights, news, and the market. Inplay Matrix continues to conduct comprehensive and global market analysis to provide diverse and convenient gameplay to meet players’ needs. 

IM is not only one of the top sports platforms in Asia but also provides reliable support for B2C sports betting platform operators. The Inplay Matrix member backend system is designed as an open system, compatible with different casinos and sports platforms. With its complete functions, it can effectively manage and supervise its brands for cooperative operators.

In addition to providing the most sports betting methods, the covered events are diverse. In fact, it is the first in the industry to create several unprecedented functions and payment methods. For example, the second-half score, and the second-half handicap, are the first new and diverse betting options on the IM platform. Furthermore, in order to allow players to enjoy withdrawals faster, IM also pioneered the “Early Withdrawal” feature. In the past, players on the platform needed to wait until the end of the game before making any withdrawals. The IM platform is the first to roll out cashing out in advance so that players can enjoy their winnings without waiting for the game to end.