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Asia’s Sports Betting Expert – IBC Sabah Sports


Asia’s Sports Betting Expert – IBC Sabah Sports

When it comes to the brands with the best coverage of sports betting in Asia, one of the most reliable brands – the IBC Saba Sports platform is indispensable. IBC was founded in 2008, headquartered in Asia, with 70 professional and technical personnel responsible for the core technology and programming team. It holds a legal British IOM license, providing thousands of exciting sports events in the market every month. With many popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and the Olympic on the platform, it is one of the world’s largest preferred sports platform providers.

IBC specially develops and provides a sports betting platform system for bookmakers. The platform is written in 2.0 and supports a powerful and complete backend. More than 30 kinds of sports are provided, and other sports can be added according to the needs of authorized operators. There are quite a number of gaming companies that chose IBC as their representative platform. The biggest feature of them is that after the game has started, they will continue to offer Handicap, Over and Under, and Standard Odds, and players are able to bet throughout the whole game.

By choosing IBC Saba Sports, casino operators can get a complete and self-managed sports betting platform, as well as the widest range of live events and betting types in the market. The operator offers its clients access to over 5,000 live matches and 18,000 live betting types in over 100 football leagues each month. In addition to football, there are 1,800 other live events and 3,000 live bet types every month. Meanwhile, on top of the regular or seasonal events such as Olympics, Winter Olympics, cricket, rugby, and football World Cup, there are many live betting types. These are all being handled by over to a professional trading team composed of 700 traders to manage the trading work.

IBC Saba Sports provides the Asian version of the sports betting platform and the international version of the sports betting platform for the industry. It also customizes it for the operator’s brand or the newly established platform to adopt a suitable appearance and style according to their preference. It also provides all betting types, back-end tools, and functions to create the largest and fastest growing online sports betting market. For a detailed introduction, you can learn more about it through the dynamic presentation in their YouTube video clip.