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Perfect Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Packet Network – Auqi


Perfect Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Packet Network – Auqi

The team at Auqi comes from experienced game developers around the world to provide top-notch products and services. Auqi is not only good at online game development, but also proficient in the game big data docking and processing, and has accumulated profound experience in agency business operations. The team has also established a solid partnership with well-known developers of real-life video, sports, lottery, and electronic games in the industry. Auqi laid data roaming servers to ensure game quality is stable and fast.

With the goal of becoming the best network package provider in the industry, Auqi provides customers with a combination of operation processes suitable for teams of different sizes and supports manual customization of players. This includes new registrations, agent levels, and automatic message reminders for new deposits. The multi-person cooperation approval mode also ensures a fast and smooth deposit and withdrawal experience. 

There is also a special function – Flexible Settlement mode provided by Auqi. Players can process their settlement automatically either on a daily or weekly basis. As for the agency return settlement, you can also set the commission settlement mode according to your preference. There are different methods or combination settlements for different agents, and the system will automatically generate settlement reports on a monthly basis.

Auqi also provides an excellent system with new architecture, perfect integration of big data processing, and high-efficiency management for operators. With more than 30 exquisite templates to choose from, operators can create high-end and eye-catching websites in the shortest time. In addition, there is also a function that supports one wallet for all platforms, a real-time risk monitoring system, an operation analysis system, and a multi-functional background that can be adjusted according to your needs. 

Another highlight of Auqi is that its artificial intelligence background system not only has the function of big data analysis but also is equipped with a number of custom functions. This enables the flexible design of exclusive promotional offers for different players and customers to meet the diverse needs of players. 

Auqi also provides multiple payment methods to ensure fast and safe fund transfers and collectively manages all game interfaces. Intelligent analysis of player behavior data, multi-level agent mode management, rich custom functions, and winning rate control. If you are looking at increasing your income portfolio, choose Auqi and take the first step to become a game tycoon!