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Since 2007, Apollo Games are specialists in design, development and manufacture of video slot games and gaming machines with a growing presence across several key European and African markets.

Our biggest commitment is supplying premium quality gaming solutions designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our global customer base. We are passionate about research and pride ourselves on continually expanding our portfolio of products with the latest trends in the gaming industry in mind. This helps us always exceed our clients’ expectations, both in terms of the immersive experience our games features and revenue-generation opportunities our solutions deliver to our customers.

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Our product knowledge and understanding of the gaming industry has based on a wealth of research carried out internally on an ongoing basis. Research findings help us drive innovation and quickly adapt our products to every customer’s needs and diverse market trends. 

Choosing Apollo Games solutions provides our clients with the assurance that products we supply are developed and designed with our in-house expertise and experience, without the use of any third-party components that could compromise quality, or our Safety and Service standards.


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