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AMEBA takes the Asian Market by Storm

AMEBA takes the Asian Market by Storm

AMEBA takes the Asian Market by Storm

Electronic games have always been one of the main products of online casinos. Major game developers are making every effort to develop more popular and classic games, in order to create more lucrative revenue and profits. When it comes to electronic games, Ameba is one of the much-anticipated rising stars.

Although Ameba is a new brand, it has made quite a name of itself and its potential cannot be underestimated. Ameba’s core development team are all experts with more than 10 years of experience in slot game development and each game is independently developed in-house. From art design, programming, mathematical models, and even network construction, it is completely done within Ameba’s own team, so if there is any problem, it can be solved straight away. 

In particular, Ameba’s  24/7 customer service team is not just a general customer service that only provides information services, but a technical customer service staff on the front line to immediately solve game-related problems in real-time. The team also is equipped to solve complicated technical issues whenever you reach out to them. Customers always come first, which is the main objective of Ameba’s technical customer service. 

In terms of the game features of Ameba, the first is the human-machine interface with humanized design and with the mobile version, players can control all functions at the convenience of their fingertips. Additionally, the desktop version is easy to operate and integrates all supporting functions. This includes the main page, game history, promotion activities, and many more. Furthermore, the game styles have their own characteristics, no matter whether it is Chinese style, Comic style, Western style, or Cute style, they are all in the Ameba game list. The games are also certified by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), an international independent verification agency, and there is no doubt about their fairness. All the games use different mathematical models, which can satisfy different types of players.

It is also worth mentioning that the design of Ameba games such as free bonuses, self-service rebates, red envelope cash grabs, red envelope free rounds, real-time tournaments, and other designs are integrated in the game. Operator can perfectly integrate 6 promotions in one game which is very beneficial for Ameba’s players. Furthermore, Ameba’s first HTML5 version of the mobile phone integrated the function of the “shake” bonus, creating a different interactive experience for players and games.

In the future, Ameba will continue to design more fun and special games to benefit players. One of their goals also aims to continuously design promotion tools to facilitate customers to promote its benefit easily. This saves the company’s manpower, time, and costs which is what most investors are looking for.