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Procedures for PAGCOR gaming license application

Procedures for PAGCOR gaming license application

Under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is a corporation that is entirely owned and run by the government. The Corporation was established during the Martial Law era as a result of a Presidential Decree (PD1067-A) signed by then-President Ferdinand Marcos in response to demands that the Philippine Government stop the spread of illegal casino operations that were at the time occurring throughout the nation. Later, the legislation establishing PAGCOR was updated and merged by PD 1869, also known as the PAGCOR Charter.

Below are the procedure and details you will need to apply for the license:

  1. Description of Permit to Possess 

The Permit to Possess (PTP) is a licence that PAGCOR grants to companies that offer studio gaming setups, often known as Data/Content streaming providers. According to the PTP, such a provider is permitted to import, keep, transfer, ship, and run gaming equipment and/or paraphernalia at its gaming studio solely for the purpose of streaming videos of live gaming activity in conjunction with the operation of electronic games at gaming sites. Any taxes and customs imposed on the importation of any gaming accessories that the provider brings into the nation will be charged to its exclusive account. The PTP is given on a venue-by-venue basis and is site-specific.

  1. PTP Application Procedures:

The following details the processes for handling PTP applications from data/content streaming providers for online gaming sites: 

  1. Applicants are to download the correct application form from PAGCOR official website. 
  1. Submit information, complete the application form, and attach the required documentation, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Application for Permit to Possess Gaming Equipment and Gaming Paraphernalia Form that has been properly filled out,
  • A properly completed specimen signature card bearing the applicant’s representative’s signature,
  • A certificate of enrolment by GLDD,
  • A copy of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) registration certificate, together with the articles of incorporation,
  • SEC has received the most recent General Information Sheet (GIS) as required,
  • Personal Disclosure Statements (PDS) properly completed by all principal officers of the applicant corporation,
  • A photocopy of the municipal licence, business licence, or mayor’s permit,
  • Evidence of certification from a licenced operator or service provider of electronic gaming systems, where appropriate,
  • Location map for the company’s office, manufacturing, and/or warehouse.
  1. GLDD receives all PTP applications for review. 
  1. If the required information and/or supporting documents are missing, the application will be rejected.
  1. One Million Pesos (PhP1,000,000.00) per studio will be charged to applicants as part of the Permit to Possess (PTP) fee to cover ongoing inspection and supervision of the gaming studio that houses the gaming equipment and/or paraphernalia. If all documentation is in order, GLDD encourages the applicant to pay the specified fees. Any unaccounted-for loss, unlawful transfer, or sale of the aforementioned gaming apparatus or accessories shall result in a PhP1 million punishment.
  1. The Applicant must make sure that designs for table layouts display the name, logo, and/or brand of the Service Provider for the relevant electronic gaming system with whom the Data/Content Streaming Provider currently has a service agreement. 
  1. Following adherence to the following, GLDD advises to the Board of Directors that the PTP of the Applicant as a Data/Content Streaming Provider be approved.
  • Application submitted with the necessary documentation
  • Payment of any fees that apply
  1. GLDD notifies the applicant that their application has been approved.
  1. The Data/Content Streaming Provider shall receive the Permit to Possess (PTP) Gaming Equipment and Gaming Paraphernalia validly signed by the President and Chief Operating Officer.

Other Important Notes:

For requests to reprint PTP certificates, PAGCOR shall charge a replacement price of Seventy Five Thousand Pesos (PhP75,000.00), provided that the request for correction or alteration in the details was made without PAGCOR’s fault.