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Kahnawake Gaming License Application Process

Kahnawake Gaming License Application Process

You may be determining which jurisdiction is most appropriate for your licence requirements if you’re thinking about starting an online gaming firm. The Kahnawake gaming licence provides operators with a flexible, affordable, and simple setup process with a wide range of advantages. Operators can benefit from affordable setup and maintenance expenses, alluring financial advantages, and a quick licensing process in this reputable jurisdiction, which is a favourite of startups. 

Located in Quebec, Canada, the Kahnawake Mowhawk Territory is a First Nations reserve. It has complete autonomy and is allowed to enact its own business and tax legislation. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been granting licences for the international internet gambling market since 1999, and there are currently more than 250 gaming sites authorised in the region. Here, we’ll go over the variety of advantages a Kahnawake gaming licence has to offer, as well as the specifics of how to get one.

Zero Tax

Zero percent gaming tax is applied to all gross gaming income for those who hold a Kahnawake Gaming License (Client Provider Authorization). This is excellent for companies who wish to reduce overhead costs and concentrate on reinvesting income and profit back into growing the firm.

Application Fees

The cost to apply for a Kahnawake gambling licence is among the lowest in the industry. Although they are not as low as Curacao, they are at a level that many start-ups and small businesses can pay. They offer a thorough licence in a reputable jurisdiction at a cost that is less than Malta or other EU jurisdictions, allowing more money to be invested in the product rather than consumed by paperwork. 

Fast Approval Time 

Even if getting a Kahnawake licence could take a little longer than getting one for Curacao, it is still possible to do it quickly. Of course, how quickly you provide all necessary evidence and make sure the documents are accurate will determine how quickly you receive a response. 

If everything is in order, the approval procedure can take an additional 4 to 8 weeks after the application process, which typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks. Kahnawake is now among the nations with the quickest licensing processes for online gambling.

Requirements to get a Kahnawake Gaming License

When requesting a Kahnawake licence, there are a number of prerequisites. As with all other online gambling jurisdictions, the authorities must be able to determine your identity, the source of your finances, and your suitability to run this type of enterprise. In order to do this, applicants must submit an application form, ID documents, proof of address, evidence of income, and professional references.

These submissions, documents, and forms will then be examined to ensure that there are no errors and that the operator is an appropriate fit for the Kahnawake jurisdiction. 

Each and every authorised person, including an officer, director, shareholder, beneficial owner, and ultimate beneficiary owner, must meet the following requirements and submit the following materials in order to be eligible for a Kahnawake gaming licence:

  • Original, no more than three months old bank references from the owners
  • Passport(s) with certified copies that are no more than three months old 
  • A copy of the owners of the company’s original Certificate of No Criminal Record, attesting that they have no such records. 
  • Birth Certificate of the owners
  • Original or certified copies of recent (within three months) utility bills
  • Director, shareholder, and UBO Personal Financial Statements
  • Information on the games provided and the gaming software utilised
  • Verification of the RNG application and, if required, third-party certification of its fairness
  • Servers are hosted in Kahnawake
  • Every document must be written in English and must be no more than 90 days old. Documents that are not in English must have certified translations into English.

Other Facts

The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, sometimes known as Kahnawake, is a First Nations reserve in Quebec, Canada. It is independent and has the authority to enact its own corporate policies, tax laws, and licensing rules. It is only 18.5 square miles in size and has about 8000 inhabitants, many of whom work in the gaming sector. Although you might not think this sounds like the ideal gambling jurisdiction, a growing number of businesses are choosing it.