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Curaçao Gaming license

Curaçao Gaming license

Curacao is one of the world’s most popular and well-known online gambling locations.

Curacao is located in the Caribbean sea, the largest of the 6 islands in the Caribbean sea. It’s a part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, and it’s 37 miles (60km) away from the north coast of Venezuela.

Beaches and expensive coral reefs rich with marine life have made this Ductht island popular worldwide.

In many countries of the world, gambling is illegal. But in Curacao, Gambling, including sports betting, though only inside the casino, is fully legal, making this island popular with the world. Most of the hotels in Curacao offer casinos.

In 1993, Curacao opened its door to the industry by formulating policies and regulations for gambling. And finally, it started its journey in 1996 with the formulation of the e-gaming licence authority.

Curacao has become the top most popular and well-known licence provider. As one Sub-licence is enough for all kinds of gambling, it’s the cheapest among all jurisdictions, crypto payments are accepted from compliant operators, no corporate income tax 2% tax on net gains.

It is open to all in Curacao, but the minimum age must be 18.

Netherland Antillean Guilders or Florins are widely used in Curacao.

Curacao licence covers all casino games, lotteries, sports betting and bingo. International organisations like OCED and FATF accept Curacao. Curacao has become one of the most reliable gaming licence providers because of its attractive tax system and political stability.

Curacao Gambling licence holders can accept players from all but the prohibited countries like the UK, USA, Belize, and a few EU countries like Germany and Netherlands.

The licence fee is 21900 euros per year and 6% sales tax. And the renewal fee is the same as the licence fee: 21900 euro, in addition to 6% sales tax. For that price, licence holders will get professional consultations. 

Curacao offers two types of gambling licences. Such as Master Licence and Sub-licence. Both licence holders can operate games, and a Master licence holder can sell Sub-licence to third parties. Master has a validity period of 5 years, whereas Sub-licence validity depends on the master licence.

The Curacao regulating authority developed the requirements for obtaining the licence. By keeping financial records, using properly functioning games and providing thorough descriptions of the company, one becomes eligible to apply for the licence. To apply for that, one has to register a company inside the country’s E-Zone. Then all the servers and hosting will be located in Curacao.

To get a licence, there are some simple steps. First, one has to apply and provide some other documents like a detailed report concerning point 7 of the e-gaming IP licence. Then making payment, one becomes eligible to get the licence. For that, the required time is around six weeks. If some requirements remain unfulfilled, the gambling commission will suggest correcting the necessary points and violating any rules one has to go through punishment.

In Curacao, petty theft, street crime, and crime among the illegal drug world threaten visitors. But they rarely happen.

In a word, Curacao can be said to be the Gambling heaven of the earth for the players and the organisers.