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Curacao Licence

Curacao Licence

Curacao, one of the oldest online gambling regulators and a relatively well-known e-gaming regulator, is a popular island in the Dutch Caribbean (formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles). 

Curacao has become one of the world’s tourist attractions and gambling attractions. Its capital is Willemstad.

Netherland language and currency are used as the language and current in Curacao.

Europeans first visited Curacao in 1499, and the Spanish first went there. Following them, the Dutch visited Curacao and made it a trade centre for the Dutch West India Company.

Nowadays, Curacao has become the home venue for gambling operators. Because it has the most favourable tax laws and relatively quick and inexpensive licensing procedures, Curacao’s tax charge is just 2% on net profits, and operators can easily get the licence. Someone with the required money and a legitimate casino will likely have the licence.

The gambling law of Curacao made it popular to the gambling world. Only one licence is enough to run any gambling operation like a casino, a sportsbook, or a website. 

In Curacao, the master gambling licence fee is 60,000 ANG (or about $34,000) setup fee and 10,000 ANG (about $5,600) per month for the first two years. After that, to carry forward, there is a scope to negotiate with the government of Curacao for the fees.

Master licence holders can sell sub-licenses to anyone eligible. A sub-license holder enjoys all the benefits of a master’s licence. But they can’t sell licences to others. However, all responsibilities of the sub-licence holder go to the master licence holder.

In all the countries that offer multiple types of licences, the laws and procedures for getting a licence are complicated. But Curacao provides the most accessible statutes and procedures for getting the licence.

Curacao provides technical and financial support like dedicated services, private cloud servers, international finance, and help with other matters related to running an online casino.

Licence-getting procedures and laws are elementary and straightforward, and much investigation is not done before providing the licence. In Curacao, some companies stealing the customers’ money run away, and the authorities do not intervene between the customers and the operators. So, the players should not rely blindly on the operators having the licence.
In Curacao, many reliable, safe and respectable websites exist. The operators should build their reputations, and the players should try to find reliable ones not to get into trouble.