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Top 3 FPS games you can play right now

Top 3 FPS games you can play right now

Top 3 FPS games you can play right now

We love first-person shooter games since they originated on the PC, which makes it the finest platform for playing them. First-person combat was pioneered by the team at id Software, dominating the 1990s and exploding into the following two decades. The RTS, RPG, and point-and-click adventure genres are all ones that the PC gaming community believes to be “ours,” but the FPS is the one that has only grown in popularity over time. 

Although the violence in this genre is well-known, that isn’t really why we enjoy watching it. We applaud the engrossing potential of experiencing the world through another person’s eyes and how the invasive point-of-view challenges our automatic bodily and emotional reactions to issues that are thrust in front of us. FPS games are frequently challenging reflex tests, but they also lay the groundwork for social settings and universes that are as captivating as anything else in gaming. 

Here is a list of the top first-person shooter games available right now. It’s not a list of the most influential FPS games in history; rather, it’s a list of games we’d suggest to PC players who are interested in the genre now. Because this is a living list, updates are to be expected in the future. 

Doom Eternal

A buttery smooth, highly acrobatic first-person shooter that celebrates unrestrained indulgence while enforcing discipline through HP-recovering glory kills is what I came up with when I had to sit down and rebuild what Doom is in the modern era. More verticality, more diverse enemies, and a captivating campaign that never seems to end are all brought by Eternal (boosted by two great DLC campaigns). There is never just run and gun, and cover shooting is never allowed. If the world hadn’t been taken over by modern military shooters, the Doom clone would have turned out like this. Let the most recent Doom games serve as a powerful wake-up call for video game executives: singleplayer first-person shooters are better than ever and demand calls for more of them. 

Hyper Demon

Hyper Demon was able to run, run, and oh my goodness, keep running because Devil Daggers had walked so they could run. Another extremely difficult wave survival shooter, however this time, surviving is actually simpler. However, since your score starts to decline as soon as the game begins, getting a high score is equally difficult, if not more so. You must dispatch demons as effectively as you can in order to raise them. The more that chase you and the more you can kill, the greater your score will be. Even on a flat, featureless arena, special mobility skills, adversary interactions, attacks (there are lasers), and powerups open up vast possibilities in space. According to the developers, there is a conclusion this time. 


Squad, which builds on Project Reality’s beginnings with Battlefield-like rules overlaid over a challenging logistical metagame, continues to be the best modern PvP military simulation available. In Squad, spawn spots are player-built facilities that must be constructed carefully and protected; they are not automatically placed. The selfless truck drivers and chopper pilots who keep the team’s ammunition stockpiles replenished and men effectively ferried over many kilometer-wide maps are the true heroes of Squad, not the soldiers who attack bunkers. Another unique feature of Squad is that it’s one of the few FPS games out there that’s always finished. Here, there is no premium shop or battle pass. 


There is no set formula for making the top first-person shooter games available today. Some of our choices offer outstanding single-player campaigns that we’re still reflecting on today, while others provide outstanding social settings for hanging out with your friends. A good number of the games on this list will also pique your competitive instinct.