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Where are the best online cricket betting deals for IPL 2023? JeetBuzz has it all here for you!

wetron IPL

In the article “IPL 2023 betting: Top 3 Most Popular Online Casinos for South Asian Players!”, Wetron Gaming introduces the best 3 online casinos in South Asia to all fans of cricket betting in India. “What are the promotions waiting for you if you register to bet on IPL 2023 in Baji?” shows Baji’s promotions for IPL. Today, we are going to take readers to see what JeetBuzz has prepared for the IPL 2023 season!


·       Win Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue

What else is more exciting than the start of the IPL 2023? Sign up to become an official member of JeetBuzz, log in to the game and predict the team that will win the IPL match. Then, you will be able to accumulate 300 points for each correct prediction (you must meet the relevant conditions to be eligible for prediction). Accumulated points can be exchanged for corresponding awards, including the largest award Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue & Yamaha Helmet, Fuel Costs worth 14,300 BDT, Plate Number and Registration Fee (10 Years), and the second award iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) & AirPod. For more prizes, please visit JeetBuzz’s official website.

(30/03/2023  00:00  to  21/5/2023  23:59 end)


·       5% Reload Bonus

The IPL 2023 has started, are you looking for an online casino that offers the best promotions? For all the friends who love IPL, JeetBuzz has prepared a special daily IPL bonus offer! Simply by depositing every day can get a 5% reload bonus! Let the funds be used more efficiently, and receive extra bonuses every day, which can be effectively put into your income from betting in IPL!

(07/04/2023 00:00 to 28/05/2023 23:59 end)


·       50% Sport Refund

Friends who like to bet on IPL pay attention! As long as you register as a JeetBuzz member, deposit at least 500 BDT for the first time, and meet the relevant conditions of JeetBuzz, you can enjoy this discount promotion. Hurry up and invite your friends to watch the IPL game with you! Download the JeetBuzz App on your mobile phone, complete the registration and first deposit, and enjoy a fruitful IPL 2023 season!

(01/12/2023  00:00  to  31/12/2023  23:59 end)


If you want to know more detailed rules and instructions for the above promotions, please refer to JeetBuzz’s official website. Please note everything is subject to the announcement of JeetBuzz’s official website.

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