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What are the promotions waiting for you if you register to bet on IPL 2023 in Baji?

wetron baji promotion

Wetron Gaming once introduced “2023 IPL Betting, Top 3 Most Popular Online Casinos for South Asian Players” to readers, which was affirmed and echoed by readers! Today, we will lead readers to understand in depth, what are the exciting promotions of Baji. Let the majority of Indian cricket players register and recommend to friends, and bet on every game of the 2023 IPL in Baji together!

• IPL Prediction Specials-Earn Points & Win Yamaha R15 V4

All Baji members can participate in predicting the winning team of each IPL game. They only need to complete the relevant conditions to be eligible for prediction. Correctly predicting each game can get 300 points. The accumulated points can be exchanged for corresponding awards, including Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue + Yamaha Helmet, Fuel Costs worth 14,300 BDT, Plate Number and Registration Fee (10 Year), iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB) + AirPod, iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) + AirPod, TV Box (TX 9 Pro) + Samsung Sound Bar (HW-Q990B) and many other gifts!

(30-3-2023 00:00   to 28-5-2023 23:59 end)

• IPL Champion Prediction-Win Yamaha R15 V4 + Helmet

All Baji members can participate in predicting the champion team of the IPL 2023 season, complete at least 10,000 BDT deposits and 50,000 BDT turnover during the IPL season, and successfully predict which team will win the championship. They will be qualified to have the opportunity to win Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue + Yamaha Helmet!

(31-3-2023 00:00 to 15-4-2023 23:59 end)

• IPL Random Prize Drop

All Baji members participating in the “Daily IPL Countdown Bonus”, as long as they visit and stay in the Baji Cricket Exchange within the specified period, will have the opportunity to win a value of 777 BDT to 77,777 BDT from the IPL Random Prize Drop. The secret to winning is that the longer you stay, the better your chances of winning! Up to 10,000 lucky winners will be randomly drawn every day!

(2-4-2023 00:00 to 28-5-2023 23:59  end)

If you want to know more detailed rules and instructions for preferential activities, please refer to Baji’s official website. Please note everything is subject to the announcement of Baji’s official website!

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