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IPL 2023 Online Cricket Betting Players Must Watch! The Most Popular Cricket Betting Methods at JeetBuzz Casino! (3/4)

Wetron IPL 3

The hottest keyword in online cricket betting in 2023 – JeetBuzz, as a loyal fan of the Indian Premier League (IPL), it is impossible not to know this name. Already registered as a JeetBuzz member for free? The next step is to start betting and make money! In the previous article, Wetron Gaming introduced the most popular online cricket betting methods in JeetBuzz, including Tied Matches, Innings Runs, Most Run Outs, and Top Bowler. So, what other online cricket betting methods are worth a try?

  • Whose bat is the hottest? – Top Batsman

In the previous article, we introduced the betting method of Top Bowler, this time, the Top Batsman requires bettors to choose any player from any team in a game or series and predict which batsman gets the most points. It is worth mentioning that due to the high difficulty of this game if you correctly predict the betting, you will get a relatively high reward.

  • Make betting a little easier – Team of Top Batsman

If you think the above cricket betting method is too difficult, JeetBuzz Casino suggests that you might try Team of Top Batsman, you just need to choose which of the two teams the best batsman is from. We believe this method would be a lot easier when making betting decisions for bettors with choice difficulty.

  • It’s time for a brutal alternative – Over/Under Score

JettBuzz Casino will set a score, and registered members can choose to bet whether the final score is higher or lower than that score. This usually refers to betting on whether the total points scored by both teams at the end of a game or series will be over or under a set running score.

  • Special cricket score betting variant – Odd/Even Runs

In addition to predicting over-and-under scores, online cricket betting at JeetBuzz will never let you down. Odd/Even Runs mean betting on whether the total number of points scored by the two teams in the game is odd or even. JeetBuzz members can choose to bet on whether the final score is odd or even. Among them, 0 points are classified as even numbers in this game.

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