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IPL 2023 Online Cricket Betting Players Must Watch! The Most Popular Cricket Betting Methods at JeetBuzz Casino! (1/4)

wetron IPL 1a

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season is also an annual event for the online cricket betting market. Every year from March to May, global online casino players will invest time and money in IPL betting. I believe you will not want to miss this good opportunity to make money. Wetron Gaming recommends that you quickly download the JeetBuzz Casino app and register as a member for free. Before you log in and start online cricket betting, let’s read this article to understand the betting methods!

  • Bets that are not related to player performance – Toss Winner

According to the rules of the cricket game, a coin toss is used to determine which team will bat or throw the ball first, and JeetBuzz members only need to guess which team wins the coin toss, and they can get bonuses if they guess correctly. This type of betting is very interesting because it is not even related to the performance of the team or players!

  • There are many tricks in tossing a coin – Toss Combination

On the basis of guessing which team wins the coin toss, JeetBuzz also provides more advanced gameplay. Members can first choose the team that wins the coin toss, and then guess whether they will choose to bat or pitch first. Guess all of them correctly and receive a huge bonus!

  • The most basic betting method – Match Betting

Match Betting is the most common betting method in all sports betting. You only need to guess the result of the game and which team will win. It is also because the gameplay is very simple, so it is loved by IPL online cricket betting players!

  • A more special way of playing – Completed Match

Due to the particularity of cricket rules, there is this special betting method. Registered members of JeetBuzz casino can bet on whether the cricket match will end on the same day. In addition to the performance of the team itself, external factors such as the climate will also affect the outcome of the bet.